Activities of everyday living

These simple exercises allow children to develop key life skills and encourage co-ordination and concentration.

Sensorial Education

A rich variety of sensorial materials help children to explore and continually extend their knowledge of the world.

Language & Literacy

An indirect approach is favoured to facilitate reading, writing, social and comprehension skills.


The Montessori environment is rich in possibilities for the development of number concepts and mathematical operations.

Cultural Studies

Children gain an experimental understanding of science, botany, geography and nature. Gardening continues to be very popular with the children.

Art & Craft

We provide a profusion of techniques and materials with the emphasis on free expression and the development of creative skills.


The children have regular singing and music sessions with specialist teachers.

Sports Skills

Children are introduced to movement and development skills outside and have Playball weekly with a specialised teacher which lays the foundations for successful sport participation.